Spring in Spring City

I have been working my tail off since we got back from the river trip I last wrote about. There is a small orchard on our new property and the trees have not been pruned for at least 6 or 7 years. I knew that Joe was not going to have time to even consider doing that before leaving on his first Grand Canyon trip of the season. I knew that it should be done before the trees put a lot of energy into leaves and flowers on all those limbs and suckers that needed to come off, so I looked at a few books and talked to a few people about pruning and just dove into it. The best piece of advice I got was that the tree should be open enough that you could “throw a cat through it”.  That was a very helpful image to consider as I contemplated if I needed to remove a branch or not.


Could you throw a cat through it? 

It took me most of three weeks to get all the trees done. During that time we were also busy cleaning out the creek that runs through our property and right behind our home. It also had not been cleared of debris or overgrowth for about a decade. It hasn’t been much of an issue the last decade because we have been in a drought, but this winter we got lots of snow, and so far our spring has been cool and we still keep getting more snow in the mountains. One of these days it is going to get hot and stay hot and we will be having a lot of water coming down all at once. I am more than a little concerned about our home being so close to the creek and thus we have done everything we could to make sure that the water is able to move past us. We had help getting started one evening before Joe left from the local Boy Scouts. I then hired three of the scouts who are brothers to come and help me finish the job after Joe left on April 21. In all I think we taken over 12 pick up loads from just the creek to the dump in the last 6 weeks. I have taken another 6 or 7 from the lot and orchard. The guy at the dump gate knows me well, and my hands have some pretty good calluses on them.

 clogged-creek.jpg    clean-creek.jpg

The creek, before and after  

Also while Joe was gone I worked in our cellar, finishing building some storage shelves and organizing it down there. I needed to do that so I could clean out the garage. There were many things in the garage that needed to go down to the cellar. The garage became our “black hole” for everything we didn’t know where to put when we moved in, but knew we didn’t want buried in deep storage. By June 1st I have to be out of my cabin studio at our old home, and so I needed the garage cleaned out so I can set up temporary studio up there until my new studio/barn is built. I have the cellar and the garage pretty well organized and now I am finishing up a few paintings that I need to get done before the move. I am almost done with them as of today. I actually filled about 5 boxes of ceramics, glass and books that are in my studio. 

The best way to sum up how hard I have been working is that I haven’t been on the back of a horse since late November. Usually by this time of the year my horses are starting to get in shape. It is strange having them over at the old place still and perhaps that is part of it, as my trailer and tack are over here, but mainly it is that I just haven’t had time or energy with everything else I am doing.


Mom in front of her apt. 

I do make time to go up and spend a weekday and usually Sunday’s with my Mom in Provo, and take the dogs on a walk or two each week. I also did manage to design and do a lot of the writing for our Horseshoe Mountain Pottery News, which will be hitting the mail stream tomorrow. Let me know when you get it!



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  1. Jeanne Says:

    I sure do enjoy reading about what y-all aer doing. Dose the new place seem like home yet?

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