New Paintings

My show at David Ericson Fine Art opened on March 28th, 2007. I have never had so many people attend an opening of mine before! When the folks at KUER got the card for the show, they decided to re-air the interview that Doug Fabrizio did with Joe and I last May for a Radio West program. They plugged my show and the opening that night during the breaks and I bet 35-40% of the people who came that night were there because they heard the radio interview that day. Thanks Doug and the rest of the KUER crew!

Here is a link to Dave’ gallery website and my show if you can’t make it to SLC to see the paintings this month.


Self at 51

I intended to do a Self at 50, but my life was just too overwhelming that year to do it, so I had to settle for 51 instead. I liked what someone said to me at the opening and that was that they had always enjoyed my self portraits in the past, but this one definitely was different. She said that she could see that I had been through something and had come out the better for it. She is right and I am glad that she could see that in the painting. 

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