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Stillwater and Cataract Canyons

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Joe and enjoyed our trip down Cataract Canyon last October so much that we decided to do it again this April. We just got back from a weeklong trip. We launched March 31 and took out on April 6. Instead of just the two of us, this time we invited a couple of friends to come along, Rick Gate (read his account of the trip and see his photos @ and Bob Armstrong.


 Bob, Rick, and Lee

 We put in at Mineral Bottom on the Green River instead of Potash on the Colorado.  It is a stretch of water that we had never floated before, Stillwater Canyon.  Lots of beautiful canyon, Indian ruins, wonderful hikes and quiet water. There was good current. The river flowed along at about 3 mph up in Stillwater. After the confluence on day 4 of the trip, we were in familiar territory, Cataract Canyon.


River bend on the Green 

 The weather was cool, but pleasant. I wore long sleeves and fleece everyday. I never put on my sandals once. The only tan I got was on the backs of my hands. The day we ran the rapids I was wearing neoprene gloves, and the rubber long johns under my jacket and paddle pants that I bought for our winter Grand Canyon trip of 02-03.


Bob on the rim top 

We gathered Pinion pine and Cedar driftwood for fires in the fire pan each night. I really love sitting by a fire, staring at it, occasionally turning my eyes upward to gaze at the stars and visiting with friends. We ate well around the fire too. Joe planned the menus. My favorite was the Thai food at Bowdie canyon camp. The fish tacos were right up there along with the green chili casserole (Mexican lasagna I call it). It was Bob’s first river trip with us. He was used to backpacking fare and marveled at the food. He also liked sleeping on one of our “Paco” pads, they weigh ten x more than a backpacking pad, but they are also ten x more comfortable to sleep on.


Joe on his boat 

The hiking was lovely in the cool temperatures. We set up the tent each night except once. We never had more than a few drops of rain, but if we hadn’t set up the tent, we surely would have. I have to confess that for me, the week went by way too fast and was over far too quickly.


Lee and Joe 

It was a shock to wake up Monday morning in Spring City and see 3 inches of new snow on the ground! I spent the day getting gear and clothes washed and put away. Tuesday I went up to Provo to spend the day with my Mom. It was a good reunion.  Zina joined us for lunch as well.


Mom and Zina 

Yesterday, Wednesday I made it back over to my studio for some painting. I started several new pieces, including painting on a door for a friends’ child’s room. So far it is a full sized standing portrait of our sweet old dog Kane. I can’t think of a more loyal and soft-spoken guard for your child’s room than old Kane.

Now it is Thursday morning. We awoke to another 2 inches of fresh snow. I am making inquiries about flood insurance for our home. 

New Paintings

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

My show at David Ericson Fine Art opened on March 28th, 2007. I have never had so many people attend an opening of mine before! When the folks at KUER got the card for the show, they decided to re-air the interview that Doug Fabrizio did with Joe and I last May for a Radio West program. They plugged my show and the opening that night during the breaks and I bet 35-40% of the people who came that night were there because they heard the radio interview that day. Thanks Doug and the rest of the KUER crew!

Here is a link to Dave’ gallery website and my show if you can’t make it to SLC to see the paintings this month.


Self at 51

I intended to do a Self at 50, but my life was just too overwhelming that year to do it, so I had to settle for 51 instead. I liked what someone said to me at the opening and that was that they had always enjoyed my self portraits in the past, but this one definitely was different. She said that she could see that I had been through something and had come out the better for it. She is right and I am glad that she could see that in the painting.