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The last pots of 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

After Dixon’s demise I unloaded the last firing of 2009 and conducted the last studio sale as well. Lots of good people came and a good time was had by all. I can’t say that we broke any sales records, but considering the economy we did alright. We have been and continue to be blessed.
library-12918.jpg library-12920.jpg library-12924.jpg library-12930.jpg library-12925.jpg
library-12919.jpg library-12922.jpg library-12923.jpg library-12926.jpg library-12927.jpg library-12928.jpg library-12929.jpg

After these were fired I did make a few more small pots to send out to California for some friends to fire in their New Year’s Eve firing. Those will be 2010 pots.

Friends, family and tourists all came by on the sale days.

lee-geri-matt.jpg schultz-christmas.jpg kenny.jpg
Lee, Geri and Matt The Schultses Kenny Nealand and Joe the Potter
rochanne-and-joe.jpg udall-women-1.jpg udall-women-2.jpg

Rochanne, Joe, Sasha, Sara, Lee, Zina, Esther, Lee, Bev, Rachel, Sarah and Zina.

Zina and Marc Pulsipher.