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The weekend

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The firing went well. I unloaded the kiln Friday evening with the help of my friends Royden Card and his daughter Suri. I would have gotten it all done but the Plein Air painting reception was at 6 pm and I needed to be there. The reception was well attended and there was a lot of really good work.
Saturday I finished getting the new work out and priced just in time for the onslaught of tourists. The day went fast an furious. The tour started at 10 am and I was not able to sit down until 3 pm. By 5 pm people had left enough that I was able to get the pots all put away in time for I and lee to go to the artist’s BBQ at Anderson’s barn. It was pretty good after starving all day. They had a whole hog cooked very slowly in a smoker. Yum.
Early in the day someone stopped by the pot shop to let me know that the Plein Air competition had been judged and Lee took second place. I was so happy I about cried. Lee also sold the other piece she had done and one from her studio. That with the pile of pots I unloaded on my visitors made it a good day for the Bennion fund.
Here are some of the things I pulled out of the kiln.
These jugs are different that what I have been doing. We shall see.
This cycle of production was way long on mugs. I also made a fair amount of oval bakers, bread pans and assorted sized jugs.
I made these vases for my friends Werner Wiexler. He is an interior designer who runs a very nice shop in the avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City.
Little cups for whatever.
The usual component of bowls.