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One more day at work.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I have this weird split identity going. I spent the first half of the day firing a small order of pots in Ed Henneger’s minigama and then went to work laying up stone. The pots had top get done for delivery this week so I borrowed the kiln and got it knocked out. I love working with stone and am very distracted. I am thinking about the pots that I want to make when the time comes but for now I am loving the ring of steel on stone and the slop of mortar and a trowel.
Ed’s kiln is a pile of brick that gets hot really fast. Cone ten in four hours.
Cutting stone with a tracer and mallet.
Finishing mortar joints. It is mud!
Mixing clay…I mean mortar.
This is fun. That is why I am in on the project.
The barn as of July 28, 2009. We will finish the masonry tomorrow.