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Blazing away while the Big One rolls in.

Friday, November 26th, 2010

I spent Saturday last week glazing pots , grinding shelves and preparing wood for the firing. The National Weather Service said that a storm was to begin Saturday evening and last mostly through the following Tuesday. I thought “Great, I’ll be loading and firing the kiln in the storm.” Well, the storm didn’t really get busy until about an hour before I was through firing on Tuesday. I didn’t change my plans based on the report because I couldn’t. I was pretty much tied into the schedule and had no wiggle room. Luck was with me.
Lee offered to help glue wads on the pots Monday as I finished glazing a few things. We got all the wadding done by noon.
All the pots wadded and staged for loading.
For a short time on Monday it looked like it would develop into a full on blizzard. I ran home and got my outfitter wing. It is a tarp I use on the river to shelter our kitchen.
It took all afternoon but I finally got the kiln loaded and bricked up by about 8 pm. I was beat and went straight to bed in preparation for firing at 6 am Tuesday.
THe firing was uneventful. Lee came down at 12:30 to take over for a little time so I could grab lunch and a power nap. That was enough to wear her out. She went home and slept the rest of the afternoon.img_2968.JPG img_2969.JPG img_2973.JPG
Rick Gate came by as he usually does and “helped” me finish off the firing. Dale Peel wandered in for a spell as well. The cones were good at about 9 pm.