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Sliding to the river.

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The launch date for our Grand Canyon trip is galloping toward us. I am making as much pottery as I can so I’ll be able to fire before we go. I have a client who wants dinnerware so I need to throw enough to make a firing. Hands on clay, mind in the ditch….a very big ditch.


Here are some of what I have been making.

handles-p-pots.jpg vases-finished.jpg finished-jars.jpg

Rolling on.

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

I am working my way through the 2+ tons of clay I had Jim Simmister get for me from Laguna earlier this year. It is a pleasure to see the clay slip through my hands on its way to relative permanence. I still am somewhat amazed that I or anyone for that matter can take amorphous clay and turn it into vessels with what feels like not much effort. I realize that the skills I rely on have been coming along for 38 years now. At this point I don’t think much about all those years at the wheel. I first picked up clay in 1971. I was enamored with my cousins, Scott, Mark and Anne Bennion’s pottery making next door to where I grew up. They had a wheel and a small gas kiln. I’d watch them and think “this has to be it”.
Here is a bit of what is coming off the wheel today. I had visitors from Bountiful and Salt Lake City. I am still a bit amazed at how my local customers are supporting me. No packing and shipping works for me.
Three lb serving bowls.
Batter bowls.
Assorted bowls.
Footed bowls.
Bread pans.
Oval baking dishes.