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Next week’s sale event has an added bonus.

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Come on down, check out the pots, Das Cafe before 3 pm and come to this fun event.

Lori making awa with the goods.

James Setty and Jim Pritchard. My brothers from a different mother.

The sale contimues November 30 and December 7.

Lotts of things to buy.

Katherine and Leonard Romney…all smiles.

Studio Tour Saturday.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Lee and I returned from the river (Grand Canyon 12 days) on Tuesday. I fired the wood kiln yesterday on about 4.5 hours sleep. There will be lots of new pots for the studio tour event. We will both be in our studios Saturday and hope to see you.



Nice House For Sale in Spring City.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


Heritage Day 2010

Monday, May 31st, 2010

library-17938.jpg library-17933.jpg library-17936.jpg library-17937.jpg library-17935.jpg library-17932.jpg
I had hoped to have two firings out in time for Heritage Day 2010. I was able to get one out. Above are some of the pots that came out of the firing unloaded Friday afternoon. It was a good firing, number 71 for this kiln.
library-17943.jpg library-17942.jpg
The weather cooperated in spite of predictions to the contrary all week. I don’t think we set any records but it was a very successful sale day at the pottery. At the end of the day I had about as much inventory as I had before unloading the kiln Friday so I’d say we sold about a kiln load. The Friends of Historic Spring City, who sponsor heritage Day, were very pleased with the day reporting $28K gross sales. The local LDS ward youth took in around $6K on their breakfast and lunch sales.
The Friends of Historic Spring City wanted an ATM but the city wouldn’t let them put one up at the old school (city property) without meeting with the city council which can not happen until June, so I agreed to let them place one at the pottery shop. It didn’t hurt my sales any. At the end of the day I had a nice stack of crisp new $20 bills in my till.
My first visitors in the morning were Earl and Claude from Kingstown, Jamaica.
The usual Provo gang were there as well including Davy, who helped me all day, Sam, Jason, Kayte and Sara the Brains.
Amber Denton Johnson and two of her kids.

Thanks to all of those who came out and supported us. Lee, who’s studio was also on the tour sold a few paintings as well.

More from the lap of the world

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

library-17023.jpg library-17020.jpg library-17018.jpg library-17015.jpg
Female Northern Flicker, Redtail Hawk, female and male Redwinged Blackbird

Walking in the lap of the world

Sunday, April 25th, 2010


East and South of Spring City sits The Horseshoe. It has always been called The Horseshoe. When I established my pottery here in 1977 I was looking for a name that would tie my business to this landscape. “The Horseshoe Pottery” sounded wrong to me. It sounded like a good luck charm so I called the new enterprise “Horseshoe Mountain Pottery”. I thad a certain cadence to it that I liked. Soon followed Horseshoe Mountain Inn, Bed and Breakfast, Dog Groomery, Hardware, Raceway and you name it. Before long I began noticing the landmark referred to in print as Horseshoe Mountain. I guess that is hoe place names shift. it was not my intention. Old timers still call it The Horseshoe but I an afraid it may not stay that way.

West and North of Spring City is Mount Nebo. Between these two bookends is what my daughter Louisa took to calling “the lap of the world” as a child. It is indeed on of the prettiest places I know of. Each morning that I am able I go out walking with Lee and the dogs around Spring City, in the lap of the world.
looking-west.jpg maple-cyn.jpg ps-8.jpg
The “West Mountains”. The mountains to the east or Wasatch Plateau are the edge of the Colorado Plateau. I am told by my geologist friend that at one time this was the edge of a continent and that where we live one continent subducted under another. To the west is the beginning of the basin and range system known as the Great Basin which runs all the way to the Sierra Nevada which is being pushed up by the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the North American continent.
haystack.jpg lee-sillhouette.jpg clouds-big-shoe.jpg
The Haystack, Lee’s silhouette and The Big Shoe.
clouds-6.jpg clouds-2.jpg clouds-1.jpg

clouds-3.jpg clouds-5.jpg clouds-4.jpg
The atmospheric show is to die for.
ps-4.jpg ps-3.jpg ps-2.jpg ps5.jpg ps1.jpg
The music is sweet. Robin, Canadian Goose, Meadow Lark, Magpie and Robin.

ernie-and-ears.jpg lee-all-smiles.jpg nebo-2.jpg tony-llama.jpg tiki-hungry.jpg

Ernie in seek mode, Lee loving it, the sprawl of new Spring City building, Tony Llama watches out for Chad Beck’s sheep and Lee’s gelding Tiki waiting for breakfast.

nebo-and-farm-stuff.jpg lee-with-bullet-holes.jpg ps-9.jpg
Old farm equipment speaks of Spring City’s base, Lee at the shooting range and the first light on the Head of Grizzly Gulch and Yellow Brush Ridge.
lee-horses2.jpg horses-and-nebo.jpg lee-and-horses.jpg
Lee always stops to “talk” with whatever horses we pass. They always come to her.
Unfenced land seems to be an invitation to dump garbage. it is an old tradition in these parts that dies hard.

lee-ernie.jpg lee-all-smiles-2.jpg ps-10.jpg
I am told that walking every day is goof for my heart. Walking with Lee in this place is what my heart desires.

Spring City listed with the big guys.

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Yesterday while working I was visited by Strider Wardle and Kelsey Brown. I asked them what brought them to Spring City. This is always a legitimate question as Spring City is such an out of the way place and people don’t usually stumble upon it unless they are truly lost of looking for it. In this couple’s case they said they had read about it in Yahoo News. ????? As it turns out Forbes Traveler ran a story about the prettiest towns in America and Spring City made the list. No surprise to me except that how did anyone from Forbes wander upon Spring City? Other towns listed include Santa Fe, Sedona and the like.

Recent walks.

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

I like to go out walking with the dogs early. I go alone these days because of Lee’s recent surgery. She is good for short walks. We usually do those in the evening. This sign marks the beginning of one of our favorite trails. As you can see it is limited in its access. Below are a selection of images from our walks both there and on other trails over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy.
aspens.jpg asters.jpg caanal-creek-saturated.jpg lee-and-boyos.jpg

Aspens and Asters in the South Fork of Canal Canyon, Canal Creek near the second crossing and Lee with the Boyos.
library-12295.jpg country-lane.jpg dix-trail.jpg

Indian Paint Brush, The west end of 200 South and the west fields of Spring City and Dixon on the Canal Canyon trail.
willow.jpg moss2.jpg aspen-leaf.jpg

Willow leaf, moss and aspen leaf.

The panorama of North Sanpete Valley with Nebo.

Spring City Arts activities this Saturday

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

That’s right kids. Come on down to Spring City this weekend for lots of new art. You can look at the work produced in the Plein Air competition and tour the studios of many of Spring City’s artists. Of special interest will be Lee Udall Bennion’s newly completed studio/barn. Of course the pottery will be open featuring the results of the latest firing of our wood burning kiln. At the pot shop you can also meet Arlin Pritchard who will be displaying his unique petroglyphic stone sculpture.

Artist’s home and studio for sale in Spring City

Friday, November 16th, 2007

House1 View from the north west.

This is the home we have lived in for the past 29 years. It was built in 1909 by Moroni Brough. Shortly after we purchased the house we expanded it to the east using salvaged brick, stone and wood from a similar house being demolished a few miles away. The addition was designed by Allen Roberts of Cooper and Roberts and constructed by Craig Paulsen of Paulsen Construction. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Spring City Historic District. It has been featured for years on Spring City’s annual Heritage Day Historic Home Tour. The house is situated on a 1.06 acre lot that also features a log granary from 1880, a log artist’s studio from the same time period, a chicken coop, small fiberglass green house, a fenced yard, a horse barn and a steel corral. This lot also features a prime garden plot with soil that has been organically built for the past three decades and a number of fruit trees.
This house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a half bath with a new laundry, a new 98% efficient gas furnace in a study room, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen with an attched root cellar, many closets and a playroom.
Now that our three daughters have grown and moved away we are looking to down size our home. We will be moving just three blocks away to a bigger lot where we plan to move and restore a 1880’s log house that will be much smaller and more to our needs now that we are just two most of the time.
west View from the west.
southeast view View from the south east.
North east view.View from the north east.
Master BedroomThe master bedroom features an outside door, a private bathroom and a flue for a woodbuning stove.
Painting studio
This 1880’s log cabin sits east of the house and has served as a painting studio since it was moved here from the Strate Family farm west of Sping City in the early 1990’s.

Lee had this horse barn built last year. It sits on the north fence of the lot.