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Tiger in a Jar and Olive us

Monday, July 16th, 2012

I got an e-mail Friday asking me is I would allow a film crew into my shop on Monday (today) to make a short piece about a visit to a pottery shop by a family. Short notice, I thought. I looked at their website and thought, But they are quite good at this and was intrigued enough to say yes to them. So Matt and Julie Walker showed up around 10:30 this morning with their Cannon 7D and 5D in tow and began setting up.
They were meeting a family driving from St George. They are Ben and Gabrielle Blair who are here in the states visiting from their home in Normandy, France where both parents work online. They have hired Tiger in a Jar (Matt and Julie) to make a series of films for kids about kids. The film series is called Olive Us and features their kids doing all kinds of normal kid things here and there. We had a lot of fun making pots and generally hanging out. I’m glad I didn’t miss this day. The Blairs are an amazing family. You can follow Gabrielle’s excellent blog here.
img_5974.JPG img_5969.JPG img_5963.JPG
img_5959.JPG img_5948.JPG img_5944.JPG

img_5953.jpgJune helping Oscar on with his apron for the pottery making part.

Matt getting Olive with her apron.



The pots I made for the kids.

Matt consults his notes.
June burned out.