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Going For the Light: 18 day Photography workshop on the river in Grand Canyon

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

I have been asked to work on a special charter trip in September. Check it out and see if in works for you.
The sole intent of this trip is to provide time for artists to work in the Grand Canyon. This means that we plan to visit places that have visual options and the right light. The light is the priority, so sometimes we will arrive at our destination early and wait. The light will guide our stops and layovers. A layover is a camp where you sleep in your tent twice.
We will have a discussion of our overall plan the evening before we launch and everyday during the trip. We will use maps and compass azimuths for the sunrise, sunset and moonrise. Please keep in mind that all commercial and most private (non- commercial) trips have hurried schedules to keep as they move from one attraction site to another. We are very different in that we are going to certain locations where artists will be able to get things done without time constraints. There is no way to guarantee that we will always get what we want but we will do our best. The better light will be in the morning and evening. In the middle hours of the day we will travel or use the time to prepare to work.
Time is of the essence. For example, if we make a bag lunch everyday we will have saved eighteen work hours by the end of the trip.
Our days will begin at sunrise. Supper will probably be in the dark so folks can work late. The food will be wonderful, so don’t bring any extra. We will have a lot of snack food. If, you have dietary restrictions or allergies let us know.
We have a list of clothing and equipment that each person can bring. As far as essential equipment, my suggestion is a Pelican 1510 box for SLR sized cameras. There are various sizes that will accommodate painters as well. Photographers need to bring extra batteries. We are not allowed to run a generator in the Grand Canyon National Park.
We will have a wet hatch for tripods and field easels but both need individual waterproof bags. The Colorado River water has a lot of salts and tripods will suffer corrosion if wet every day. A waterproof daypack will be needed to carry gear for hiking. Please bring heavy-duty freezer bags to keep sand off your equipment. In addition to the Tour West personal items list we will need the following:
• raingear top and bottom (good quality) • sandals (good condition) • bandannas • hiking shoes (light weight) and socks
• long pants for sun protection • shorts • long sleeve shirts
• umbrella for sun and rain while working • a chair or stool • brimmed hat with bronco strap • sunglasses
• 2 or 3 liter-size water bottles • gloves for hiking • hiking poles, if you like • a light warm sweater
• journal and pens • sun lotion • pocket knife • headlamp and back up flashlight and spare batteries • superglue
• a good book • handywipes with toiletries kit
Trip Logistics:
On the evening of Saturday, September 19th we will meet at The Monte Vista Hotel at Aspen Avenue and San Francisco Street in downtown Flagstaff. The next morning we will have an orientation session, arrange and prepare gear and make last minute purchases before leaving Flagstaff by bus in the early afternoon for Marble Canyon which is five miles from Lee’s Ferry, our put in point. After dinner and a short orientation from a Tour West representative, we will have a planning session at Marble Canyon Lodge to discuss the trip. There will be maps, visual images of particular areas and talk of options. Folks are welcome to make
suggestions, requests or present ideas on the evening of the 20th –and also anytime during the course of the trip. The next morning, Sept 21st, we will launch and be on the water for the next 18 days. Take out will be at Diamond Creek on Thursday, October 8th. We will be driven back to Flagstaff where we will arrive at the Monte Vista Hotel in the afternoon. On Friday, October 9th the day will be spent editing images in preparation for a group presentation that evening.
Safety is our first priority and will be discussed thoroughly. All licensed guides have intensive training in Wilderness First Responder and on this trip one of the guides is an ER doc.
I am available for questions at the following numbers:
Studio/office: 928.779.1966 Mobile phone: 928.606.4663
Rivers and Oceans is handling all trip logistics and payments. Please contact Geoff Gourley with any questions:
Main: 800-473-4576 Direct: 928-440-2081
Last thoughts about our trip
The thrill of art often emerges from results unanticipated and is sometimes, frankly, surprising. The artist is as astonished as everyone else. This is true of photographers, painters, poets, writers, musicians, sculptors and ceramicists. We never know when something beyond our expectations will happen. All we can
do is try not to be too intimidated and work hard. As frustrating as it is to not be in control this is why we live: to persist and let art emerge. The intention of this trip is to make such moments possible.
Bring something you’d like to sip on during the evenings. We will stop on the way out of town to stock up. You will need enough for 18 – 19 days.
We will have musicians along, so if you play an instrument smaller than a grand piano, call us and we can brainstorm protective containers.