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Pain in the butt.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Lee had back surgery Tuesday. She had a vary painful episode of sciatica starting about 5 or 6 weeks ago. She treated it like she always has with rest, ice packs, muscle relaxers, pain meds and physical therapy but to no avail. The pain went away but was followed with numbness and loss of motor control in her right foot. This development called for an MRI which showed a pretty messed up back the worst of which was a badly herniated disc (turned out to be ruptured) that was pinching off a nerve root on the right side between L4 and L5. After a couple of weeks of internet study and shopping around she settled on Robert Peterson, the same guy who did her pituitary surgery five years ago. Bob uses a microscopic approach that is quite good. He used the same instrument that he had used n Lee’s Pituitary job. Lee had been looking into a arthroscopic approach but decided against it. The doctor came very highly recommended but as she studied it she found an internet site devoted to arthroscopic back surgery that recommended against using that approach for her specific problem. I am proud of Lee’s ability and interest in studying out every angle before making her decision. She never takes one doctor’s opinion and it has paid off over the years. The first neurologist she went to with her pituitary tumor was going to remover her entire pituitary as a matter of course. She took her films and went shopping until she found someone with the skill and confidence to go in and just remove the tumor so she would not have to go on a total hormone replacement regimen.
Lee’s surgery was Tuesday and took two hours. Bob did a great job again and she was actually up and walking about four or five hours after the procedure. I brought her home on Wednesday and she is doing very well. When Peterson examined her Wednesday he said he detected slight improvement in her motor response. Her butt and leg we hurting something fierce which he took as a good sign. “That means that the nerve is not dead yet.” he said.
The incision was only one inch in length and was covered with a band aid.
Lee on the way home from the hospital 24 hours after surgery.