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Stone Jugs and the like.

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Thursday’s Convocation at Snow College featured Escalante writer Jana Richman. She stopped by the shop with her husband Steve Defa and our own local farmer/proffesor Steve Peterson. The visit was pleasant but way too short…..some other time.
Making some pottery this week has been a nice change form the post surgery honeydoo’s and assorted fall chores I have been consumed by lately. I have been working my way through some jugs, mugs, jars and bowls.
jugs.jpg lg-mugs.jpg
mug-detail.jpg jug-detail.jpg
In hand thrown pottery I can’t find any surface I like as much as the freshly thrown or turned clay. All of my firing and glazing it to the end of finding something that aproximates that freshness.
batter-bowls.jpg bowls-1.jpg
bowls-2.jpg bowls-3.jpg
covered-bowls.jpg sq-bowls.jpg
batter-bowl-closeup.jpg bowl-1-detail.jpg bowls-2-detail.jpg
detail-bowls-3.jpg covered-bowl-detail.jpg sq-bowl-close.jpg
My holiday sales are on November 27,28 and December 5 this year. I’ll be working like a Beaver for the next few weeks to get the ware out on time. I love this.