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The Generations

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

John Bennion was born in the little village of Hawarden in Flintshire, Wales. Family legend has it that to avoid prosecution for poaching rabbits he crossed the Mersey River to Liverpool and took up residence with his brother Samuel there who was apprenticing himself to a baker. The Bennion boys met a Mormon missionary named John Taylor who baptized them. They were soon on their way to American to build up Zion. John embraced the principle of plural marriage and took a second wife, Esther Ann Birch. Their son Israel is pictured below.
Israel was one of many children in a big polygamous family. He worked very hard as a young boy and spent a lot of time away from his mother. As a young man he settled in the south end of Rush Valley in Utah where he helped found an intentional community of Latter Day Saints called Benmore.
Glynn Bennion is the son of Israel Bennion and his first wife Jeanette Sharp. Glynn grew up at Benmore on a little farm called Ben Lomond. In his lifetime Glynn proved up and sold a number of homesteads in western Utah.
Owen Cannon Bennion is the son of Glynn Bennion and Lucile Cannon. He grew up in Salt Lake City and spent his summer helping Glynn work his homesteads in the desert. As a young man he met and married my mother, Lenore Wood.
Lenore is from Berkley, CA. She met my father shortly after WWII at college in Utah.
I was born to Owen and Lenore September 4, 1952 in Salt Lake City. I married Lee Udall on June 29, 1976 in Provo, Utah.
We managed to reproduce three amazing daughters who have all grown up and flown the nest.