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The last pots of early summer.

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Down to the final stretch throwing mostly small fillers. The glaze firing stats next week with the first one coming off just ahead of Heritage Day.



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Heritage Day 2010

Monday, May 31st, 2010

library-17938.jpg library-17933.jpg library-17936.jpg library-17937.jpg library-17935.jpg library-17932.jpg
I had hoped to have two firings out in time for Heritage Day 2010. I was able to get one out. Above are some of the pots that came out of the firing unloaded Friday afternoon. It was a good firing, number 71 for this kiln.
library-17943.jpg library-17942.jpg
The weather cooperated in spite of predictions to the contrary all week. I don’t think we set any records but it was a very successful sale day at the pottery. At the end of the day I had about as much inventory as I had before unloading the kiln Friday so I’d say we sold about a kiln load. The Friends of Historic Spring City, who sponsor heritage Day, were very pleased with the day reporting $28K gross sales. The local LDS ward youth took in around $6K on their breakfast and lunch sales.
The Friends of Historic Spring City wanted an ATM but the city wouldn’t let them put one up at the old school (city property) without meeting with the city council which can not happen until June, so I agreed to let them place one at the pottery shop. It didn’t hurt my sales any. At the end of the day I had a nice stack of crisp new $20 bills in my till.
My first visitors in the morning were Earl and Claude from Kingstown, Jamaica.
The usual Provo gang were there as well including Davy, who helped me all day, Sam, Jason, Kayte and Sara the Brains.
Amber Denton Johnson and two of her kids.

Thanks to all of those who came out and supported us. Lee, who’s studio was also on the tour sold a few paintings as well.