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July 2010 Firing

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Unloaded pots from my latest firing last night and today. I fired on Monday starting the fire at midnight in an attempt to miss some of the beastly heat we have had this month. I enjoyed firing through the cool of the night.

The kiln. This was firing number 72.

The boys from Birch Creek came and helped me prepare wood earlier last week.
library-19989.jpg library-19990.jpg
We spent three days at Bear lake on the Utah/Idaho boarder with Lee’s Webster relatives. Upon returning Thursday evening I unbricked the kiln and took these pictures. We unloaded the kiln Friday morning.
library-19991.jpg library-19992.jpg hannah.jpg
This grave marker was in the firing. It is for Hannah Wagstaff who passed away two years ago near here. It will be installed on her grave near Hatch, Utah.

library-20000.jpg library-20006.jpg
I had six of these lidded bakers in the firing and they turned out reasonably well.
library-20001.jpg library-20002.jpg library-20005.jpg library-20004.jpg
I had a bunch of tall vases and jars on board.

library-20007.jpg library-20008.jpg library-20008.jpg library-20009.jpg
Tea Bowls
library-20010.jpg library-20011.jpg library-20012.jpg library-20013.jpg library-20015.jpg
One of these oval vases fell into the firebox and got blessed.

20 inch platter
John’s dinner ware.

Matt Hamilton helped me evaluate the pots.