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The Dream Trip: Camp 7, March 5

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The canyon around mile 70 is wide open so the sun was on us early. The light was just as stunning as the night before. We wanted to get out early so we could possibly catch Mike Glassgow’s group to run the gorge. Breakfast was quick and simple, oatmeal. We were on the water by 8:30 and found Mike’s group holed up at Cardenas Creek a half mile below us on river left. They were OK with us running with them so we went ahead with the plan of waiting for them above Hance Rapid. We ran Unkar and Nevills with no incident and pulled off the water on a nice beach below Nevills on river right. I napped while Lee went for a walk. after about 45 minutes the other group showed up. They scouted and ran left. Being a creature of habit (and thinking the water was way too low for the left run) we scouted from the right bank. They ran in two groups. Mike lead off making a pretty neat run on the right. Some of his followers seemed to bump and grind a bit. We ran after their first group and made the right entry pulling into the “duck pond”, pivoting and pushing hard to the left. There was enough water that I exited the duck pond by dropping over the pour over formed by the rocks on the down stream side. I was able to reach over and touch the “Whale Rock” with my left oar. In other words the run went as I had hoped. I have had some adventures at Hance like getting stuck in the eddy behind the large pink rock on the left run with two first time teenaged boatmen coming down on me from behind and running over the rock that divides the right tongue twice. It was nice to have it go well especially with an audience.
We headed downstream ahead of the others planning to run with them until were were all past Sockdolager and Grapevine. At about 11:30 Lee spied a nice little beach on river right about mile 78. She suggested we pull over and make it a lunch spot. I figured that running those other rapids without backup would be OK so we did. As Lee explored the spot she announced that it was camp. Above the little beach that was big enough to support our kitchen set up was a small cave with a flat sandy bottom. The sun =was on the spot and it felt like a great place for a half over.
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It was such a perfect little camp we decided to call it Booh Booh Camp in honor of our spoiled rotten little wiener dog who sometimes goes by that name. Sometimes I tell Booh he is “the very best one”. This camp was easily the very best one we found. Booh (his real name is Andy) came into our lives sort of by way of the Grand Canyon. IN 2002 I drew a permit to run the Canyon for thirty days starting December 13. I wanted Lee to come along. She wouldn’t go for that long and leave our youngest daughter Adah. Adah said she was not about to take on such a death defying river trip in the winter. She had been asking for a wiener dog for a while. I bargained with her to get the dog if she would come with us. Half way through that trip someone asked her what was the best thing about the trip to which she responded,” I got the dog and the trip”. I told her I thought she would make someone a great wife.
The afternoon was warm and sunny. The black schist of the Granite Gorge gathers and radiates the warmth. We bathed, did laundry and generally lazed around, writing and reading. I heard Lee say, “This is a perfect day”. She is right. I have to wonder why it is that we get to do this. When we got home we had to hit the ground running but for that day we just had to deal with another lousy day in paradise.