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The Old Man

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

old man.jpg

My father, Owen Bennion, lives in rural Missouri where he walks every morning on the roads near his home. He is 85 and underwent bypass surgery over ten years ago. He is careful about what he eats and gets out every day to walk.

Following his example (and not wanting to follow him into surgery) I go out every morning and walk with my dogs. Dixon always goes and Mr booh sometimes. We start out at 6am and walk by starlight, watching as the grey darkness gives way to colors and light. It is a great time think and be alone. Sometimes Lee come along but not much. She is usually saving herself for a ride with her horses.

I like to think of myself as following my dad’s path in this life. He has done a lot of good and little harm to anyone. He is surely the source of my desire to have faith. He taught me that.

This morning as Dixon and I walked in the darkness I called him on the cell phone and visited while mom was getting breakfast on for him. They are happy together. I count myself lucky to still have them around.