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Bennion Spencer

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Another relative of mine is running for Congress. Bennion Spencer is running on the Democratic ticket for US House off Representatives. He is running for the seat currently held by my cousin Chris Cannon who was defeated earlier this summer by Jason Chaffetz. I spent a half hour or so yesterday discussing issues with Ben in Fountain Green at the Lamb Days celebration there. I found him to be well spoken and warm. He offers a very palatable and moderate alternative to Jason’s extreme standing on energy, immigration and defense. A firm but compassionate approach to immigration makes more sense to me than the attitude that “they” are the problem. Developing alternatives to oil that work and are renewable will help a lot more in the long run than more drilling which amounts to more give-aways to big oil and less for the consumer. As with Christian Burrage last time around I find in Ben a candidate I can totally get behind.