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Last Waltz

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Last Waltz Last week end the girls came home to celebrate a late Thanksgiving and an early Christmas. Louisa and Adah are not able to get the holidays off. I guess all those New Yorkers can’t live with out their java even on holidays. It was good timing as we signed a contract to sell our house just a couple of days before they all arrived. After they left Lee and I fell right into packing for the move. It was out last time together in the only home the girls have ever known for our family. We had a wonderful time going through things with them deciding what to keep and what to pack away for storage. It was hard to watch their faces as we pulled away Monday after having one last waffle breakfast together. Adah wept while Louisa just kept looking back. Zina was different as she will be here in the house with us for Christmas, spending the holiday packing up things and moving the four blocks to our new house.We listed the house last April and have had some time to get used to the idea of leaving it. Lee and I came to the idea of selling and moving on one day and it just felt like the thing to do. It is hard to say why but we both feel like it is the thing to do. It was that way when we came here, just an intuitive feeling that we followed and have never regretted.The new place is a house on 2.5 acres that Lee’s mother purchased ten years ago. We are buying it from her estate with the proceeds of our house sale. WE will have to build a studio and hay barn for Lee. Later when those projects are finished and paid for we will start building a permanent home on the place. The existing house will be a rental after that. We have purchased 70 tons of oolite limestone from a demolished school house in Gunnison. We will build the new house with it. Ann Larsen is the architect for that project.Amy Jorgensen came over Monday morning to document the meal we had. She is currently artist in residence at Snow College. Here are a few of the images Amy captured.

prayeries.jpgZina LooksLooking downThree girlsDBLouisaZi in ovenimg_2629-version-2.jpgZi & AA on bedadahbooh.jpgloukitchen.jpgZi windowimg_2694-version-2.jpgLouisa playsLast Waltz 2

There you have it the last time around for all of us in the old digs. It was kind of bittersweet but all good. We will always have the memories. It makes sense to us to down size at this point in life. The new place has roughly half the space as the house we are leaving.