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Lets go boating: Cataract Canyon

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Lee and I have organized a river run through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park for July of 2013. The trip will be outfitted by Tour West. Here is link to their web page detailing the trip.
The price for this adventure is $1000.00+tax.

homer.jpg joe-river2.jpg capsize_rapid_001.jpg
mikez.jpg first_camp.jpg catmorning.jpg
mike-levitt.jpg joe-on-boat-evening.jpg
Here is some of what is typical of the river in Cataract Canyon. During spring run off the rapids can be daunting. By July and August the mighty Colorado has settled down into a fun, family friendly ride. As you can see the visuals are not too bad either.
crosswords.jpg guestchef.jpg river-food.jpg leecjlouwhitmore.jpg
This is a camping trip. Camp life is one of the best things about river running. You get the wilderness experience that is usually only accessible with backpacking and you get all of the comforts that a boat can carry. Expect exceptional food. Lee and Joe do the menus and they are great. Special food needs can be accommodated.
doll_house.jpg greenriver.jpg dolls_house.jpg
joegranery.jpg coolroom.jpg doug_in_joint.jpg
lee-at-cyn-overlook.jpg room_with_a_view.jpg maze_2.jpg
pictograph.jpg purple.jpg riocolorado.jpg red_crack1.jpg doug_and_jake.jpg spire.jpg dolls_house_3.jpg confuence31.jpg confluence.jpg confuence2.jpg 3hopis.jpg
Did someone mention hiking? This river takes you into the heart of Canyonlands National Park. The hiking is world famous. Or you can just sit in the shade with a book or crossword puzzle. It is all good.
zi-sig-and-lou.jpg adah.jpg bumdam.jpg
bowdie2.jpg bowdie5.jpg coolzi.jpg titanic-stance.jpg
Then there is the water.
Can you put yourself into this picture? That smile will be on your face and you will have some sweet memories to take with you.