New wares out yesterday.

Here are some teasers from yesterday’s firing. The sale is November 27, 28 and December 5, 10 am to 4 pm. There will be another firing out just before the December 5 date.


library-12701.jpg library-12702.jpg library-12704.jpg
library-12705.jpg library-12706.jpg library-12707.jpg
library-12708.jpg library-12709.jpg library-12710.jpg
library-12712.jpg library-12717.jpg library-12715.jpg
library-12703.jpg library-12713.jpg library-12714.jpg library-12716.jpg

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6 Responses to “New wares out yesterday.”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Hey these are gorgeous!!
    I know a friend in the Choir who’d be particularly interested.
    I’ll pass along to her.

  2. Kristin Erickson Says:

    Hi Joe, these are beautiful, as is the platter on your postcard. I will try to get down there for one of the sales. I hope you and yours are well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Joe, Ok. I tried a few things and I think I figured out why we were having the “Password Protected” problem. In the admin section, when a new post is being written, the right hand column has a “Post Password” section. It appeared empty BUT there was actually a an empty “space” character in it. This is caused by clicking in the white box under “Post Password” and hitting the space bar on the computer keyboard with one of your thumbs. This must have been the case. I tested this by deleting whatever was in the box(remember, it looked empty) and saving the post. It worked! Then I entered a space in that white box and saved the entry again. This time the “Password Protected” came right back up in the published entry. Mystery solved.

    So, keep this in mind if you ever have this happen again.

    It’s amazing how often these problems are small little quirks like this. Just a good thing this one didn’t take much time to sleuth out! :)

  4. Joe Says:

    Thanks Jen,
    You are the bomb.
    Joe the Potter

  5. Darrel "Chopper" Bowman Says:

    Hi Joe, I’ve been meaning to contact you. I wander past your blog now and
    then and enjoy it fully! Your pots are so comfortable to view…I first saw your stuff at Pewabic many years ago. I make pots…same family as yours
    …perhaps distant cousins. MacKenzie school. Wish I was closer, I’d be sure
    to visit! Blessings!

  6. Diane Says:

    Hi Joe,
    Questions for you. Can you show a picture of the rib tool you use to get the beautiful rims on the oval platters from your November 8th posting?
    Love you work. I hope to get to Utah sometime to pick up some pieces.

    I have the Potter’s Meal in VHS. Is it available on CD? Are there any plans for another video?


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