Twelve Moons Calendar

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Utah artist Kathleen Peterson has just self published this richly illustrated 2010 calendar. The calendar is based on a series of 12 paintings Kathy completed this year titled “Twelve Moons”. She is showing them as a set and they are only available for purchase as a set. The images are 6 feet tall and very striking. No word yet on exhibition schedule. She brought one by for us today and I was blown away at the images and layout. This is more than a calendar. It is a very nice collection of Kathy’s very fine paintings of strong and beautiful women. She has limited the run to 1000 calendars. I would look at this as a very collectable item. Kathy is selling these for $20 plus shipping.
You can contact Kathy at;
Kathy Peterson
PO Box 471
Spring City, Utah

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7 Responses to “Twelve Moons Calendar”

  1. Carol Lynn Pearson Says:

    Looks like some gorgeous work, Kathy. Congrats on doing this. Hey, I’m sending for mine!
    All love from Carol Lynn

  2. Dori Mosher Says:

    Beautiful! I’m definitely ordering some. Thanks for the update Joe.

  3. Christine Sharer Says:

    Fabulous calendar. I definitely want one. Your sculpture in our building at Make-a-Wish Foundation is still at hit with wish children. Here is a quote from last week from “Brinley’s” mom:

    “Here are all the other stars of previous wish children, all surrounding my Brinley’s star. I like to think of them as surrounding her, supporting her, understanding her, even loving her. Welcoming her to their world.”

    Nice outcome from a public art piece.

  4. Marvin Bjurlin Says:

    Joe, thanks for the recommendation! I will order 3, one for my wife, and one for each of my two daughters in law. All three are fabulous women and I think this calendar will make a great gift for them!

    Tomorrow night is the Maidenfire of the Wannagama I just finished building. Check out the blog “Kiln Project” at my website:

  5. Natalie Gate Says:

    Beautiful! I would like to order three as well. Shall I call, mail, or just come by?



  6. Reid Green Says:

    Fantastic product. [4] should be good for the holidays

  7. Silvia C. Haycock Says:

    Beautiful work Kathy. I am looking forward to our vacation in Mexico. Thanks for the calendar - Monica has our order. Silvia

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