This what my firstborn looks like.
This is what my second daughter looks like with her weird cat Reuben.zinaandreubs.jpg
This is what my youngest daughter and her best dog Mr. Booh look like.
This is what I like to do when I am away from home.
This is how not to run Lava Falls.

This is where I lived for the past 28 years.
This is how it was in 1976.
This how it is now.

4 Responses to “This”

  1. Jenny Mauro Hicks Says:

    What happened to the boaters????

  2. Joe Says:

    The intro to the video says they all survived.

  3. mike Says:

    Wow were you ever really that young?

  4. bill vogelzang Says:

    i wandered over here from rick gates journal. i ran for western rivers back in the early 70s in grand canyon. haven’t been back since my last trip in about 05. great to see that the rapids haven’t changed that much and that crystal and lava are still kickin’. nice to see a j-rig on the river still. i’m sure those honda motors are better than the old johnsons we had to use. less smoke and noise. keep posting the river vids if you can. bill

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