Lee’s Virtues


Lee and I were asked to speak in church on the topic of Virtue and Vice.
Lee spoke briefly but very powerfully on the topic of Virtue. She listed the virtues she values. Here is her list. I see it as descriptive of her and a laundry list for me to work on. Oh Well…


  • To be patient and kind not only when things are going well, but when things are tough. This includes people and animals.
  • To give service, especially when not asked or assigned.
  • To be sensitive and observant with those you live and work around; Those who are easiest to ignore or take for granted.
  • To pray everyday.
  • To not take offense when none is intended.
  • To be honest with yourself. Do not make excuses or justifications for thoughts or actions you know are wrong. Live in integrity.
  • To hold your toung and not speak guile.
  • To not judge others.
  • To practice repentance .
  • To be industrious; physically, mentally, intellectually, civicly and spiritually.
  • To be modest in action, speech and dress.
  • To be humble in your countenance.
  • To be obedient and submissive to God’s laws.
  • To be generous with your time, heart, back, arms and all of your wealth.
  • To forgive with your heart, not just with your lips.
  • To be grateful and express your gratitude.
  • To be a peacemaker and diffuse or deflect contention.
  • To have faith and to share it with others.


4 Responses to “Lee’s Virtues”

  1. Terri Holland Says:


    I am not a Mormon, and sadly, I have over the years found much to dislike about the Mormon Church and its teachings. Sadder still is the great divide I see growing between Mormons and non-Mormons in Utah. What keeps me from becoming bitter and too frustrated with my attempts to validate my own life and choices in the shadow of Mount Zion is people like you and Joe, and Ann and Paul. So, thanks. I hope we all share in a more inclusive and bounteous “forever” than we do here.


  2. alex bigney Says:

    perhaps little by little i can put these into action of some kind. right now i fall pretty short. thanks for setting the tone for my week.

  3. alex bigney Says:

    i mean…for my life.

  4. Natalie Gate Says:

    Thanks for your good example.

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