Stone Jugs and the like.

Thursday’s Convocation at Snow College featured Escalante writer Jana Richman. She stopped by the shop with her husband Steve Defa and our own local farmer/proffesor Steve Peterson. The visit was pleasant but way too short…..some other time.
Making some pottery this week has been a nice change form the post surgery honeydoo’s and assorted fall chores I have been consumed by lately. I have been working my way through some jugs, mugs, jars and bowls.
jugs.jpg lg-mugs.jpg
mug-detail.jpg jug-detail.jpg
In hand thrown pottery I can’t find any surface I like as much as the freshly thrown or turned clay. All of my firing and glazing it to the end of finding something that aproximates that freshness.
batter-bowls.jpg bowls-1.jpg
bowls-2.jpg bowls-3.jpg
covered-bowls.jpg sq-bowls.jpg
batter-bowl-closeup.jpg bowl-1-detail.jpg bowls-2-detail.jpg
detail-bowls-3.jpg covered-bowl-detail.jpg sq-bowl-close.jpg
My holiday sales are on November 27,28 and December 5 this year. I’ll be working like a Beaver for the next few weeks to get the ware out on time. I love this.

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4 Responses to “Stone Jugs and the like.”

  1. michael Says:

    Nice ones! I have to agree with your love of the freshly thrown pot. The effect is even more intensified with a table full of freshly thrown pots!

  2. Collin Says:

    Me too Joe, I’d rather look at a wareboard full of green pots than just about anything. Its right up there with unloading a kiln.

  3. Kasey Says:

    I am in need of a good musical jug, for a jug band. Any advice?

  4. vážně Says:

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