Spring City listed with the big guys.

Yesterday while working I was visited by Strider Wardle and Kelsey Brown. I asked them what brought them to Spring City. This is always a legitimate question as Spring City is such an out of the way place and people don’t usually stumble upon it unless they are truly lost of looking for it. In this couple’s case they said they had read about it in Yahoo News. ????? As it turns out Forbes Traveler ran a story about the prettiest towns in America and Spring City made the list. No surprise to me except that how did anyone from Forbes wander upon Spring City? Other towns listed include Santa Fe, Sedona and the like.

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3 Responses to “Spring City listed with the big guys.”

  1. Strider Wardle Says:

    I was just googling my name and this came up. While I appreciate the 15 minutes of fame you got one fact wrong. We are cousins and not a couple, lol. Actually Kelsey was married shortly after our pottery exploration to Aaron Brown. Another slight correction, Spring City was voted 2nd Most Picturesque Town in America, although it is very pretty. One of the greatest gems in the city is that old school house. I hope that there are renovations underway or completed, I would love to come visit the next time I’m visiting family in Salt Lake.


  2. Joe Says:

    Well, Strider, when you come in looking and acting like a couple and don’t identify yourselves otherwise what is one to think? I don’t always get things right when I go on appearances.
    As for the Forbes thing; I think I got that right.

  3. Bhuneshwar Says:

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