Pottery Blog?

On my last Grand Canyon trip I injured my left ring finger. This finger is not super essential to throwing pottery but having it in a splint for eight weeks sure can be a drag. What follows is the beginning of the first body of work I have made since March of this year. ˆ’ll be throwing for two more weeks and firing in time for Spring City Arts studio tour on September 12.
Creamers, butter pots, small and large mugs.
The McKenzie salt shaker, dinnerware and a rice bowl.
Steve Olpin came by and we visited while I made soup bowl. Steve wandered into my life in the 1980’s and eventually made “The Potter’s Meal”.

5 Responses to “Pottery Blog?”

  1. Lee in Mpls Says:

    When MacKenzie visited me in Mashiko, I told him I try to teach as many folks as I can how to make the salt shakers, after hearing him tell his story about how he came to make them. (a young woman’s teacher’s secret, that she asked Warren to figure out.) Warren said it wasn’t the teacher’s “secret”, but actually, a Bauhaus design.

  2. Joe Says:

    Yeah, he told me the same thing in Stillwater. I like to think of them as McKenzie salt shakers because I saw the first at his dinner table.

  3. Michael Kline Says:


    Sorry to hear about the finger! It should make some interesting marks, I’m sure. Sure to be collector’s items!

    All joking aside, I hope you are on the mend, as this post seems to be a little dated, and I’m just getting over some dental troubles of the last week. I’ve been out of the loop with all of the bloggery pottery.

    I received the card you sent. Beautiful piece! All the best in the coming weeks with firing and sale!

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