Rock on.

Lee’s studio/barn has looked like this for a while now. People wonder if it will ever get the stone work that we have talked about.
A little over a week ago I began laying up stone. I got two courses up by my self and then called my friend Arlin Pritchard to come and work with me. Arlin is a master at masonry and the work has moved along very quickly with his help.
Arlin with the first day’s work.
By quitting time on July 12 we were moving right along.
July 23.
The barn is nearing completion. We will get the rest of the stone up Monday and Tuesday. A friend is finishing the wood trim and onother is turning the corner on the painting. I’ll post more later.

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4 Responses to “Rock on.”

  1. michael kline Says:

    The masonry is beautiful in combo with the log construction. Do the tabs hold wire to hold stone? I couldn’t tell from the pictures. I’ve only done block and some dry stacked rock walls. Good work, Joe and Arlin!

  2. Matt Katz Says:

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    Love your blog,

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