Joseph’s Birth

(This entry was written December 23rd but not posted until the 26th due to technical difficulties.)
Everyone is all about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth these days. So am I. I love the Lord and enjoy Christmas for that reason. It is also a cool family time. We had Christmas two weeks ago when all three of our daughters could be here at once. We are now up to our ears in moving and have no Christmas plans other than packing and moving 29 years worth of accumulated stuff. Lee took down the tree yesterday and put it in the yard. Who knows what the neighbors think we are up to.
Today, in addition to being the first day past solstice, is the anniversary of the birth of Joseph Smith in Sharon, Vermont. I visited his birthplace quite a few years ago with my daughter Louisa when we were out east looking at potential colleges for her. Joseph is easily the most controversial figure in American religious history. I count Joseph as God’s prophet, the first with all keys and authority since biblical times. This year I have been reading Richard Bushman’s biography of Joseph sub titled Rough Stone Rolling. I come away with the deeper feeling of his genuine calling and of the fact that he is fairly universally misunderstood even by the people who belong to the church he founded. I can’t say that I understand him well either but my attempts to understand him have been adventures in deed. He was a radical, a mystic, an alchemist, a visionary, a charismatic leader and a revolutionary. So, happy birthday Joseph and thank you.

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3 Responses to “Joseph’s Birth”

  1. Rgate Says:

    Have been reading John L. Brooke’s Refiner’s Fire for an interesting take on Joe Smith and here is a link to the Erik Davis take on Joe Smith and the Mormons

  2. Joe Says:

    I read Erik’s piece and wrote to him. He has a very interesting grasp of some of what is most interesting to me about Joseph the prophet. He has picked up on some things that most outsiders miss and he has missed some of what I find essential about the man. I believe he did commune with deity in the woods. I believe that the Book of Mormon came forth by the “gift and power of God”. I can’t say just how that worked. I am sure that Joseph’s apprenticeship to folk magic prepared him for that work. His intuitive powers were peaking as he worked with men and angels to bring it all about. Joseph was in his own words a rough stone rolling. Joseph was and is an enigma and a wonder. Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah!

  3. Geoff Young Says:

    After working all day I visited this website and guess what? I sound this source and I don’t feel tired any more! It’s the best entertaining source!

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