Water Sounds

I am sleeping next to a little brook that makes a lot more noise in the spring than it did most of the winter. It is warm enough now that we leave the windows open at night and it provides a very nice white noise. Not that we need that sort of thing to drown out the occasional dog or car in the distance.
For most of the past month I slept at various points along the Colorado River as it makes its way through the Grand Canyon. I was on the river for 18 days. There is nothing quite like sleeping on the water with the boat rocking a little and the stars arcing above you. It is hard to come back to a stationary bed but the water sounds do help. Then there are the little night noises that Lee makes to remind me I am home.
The show in Scottsdale is over. I went and gathered yup our remaining pieces before returning from the river. Phoenix is such a pig when your AC quits in gridlocked traffic. I listened to Luis Alberto Urrea’s “The Hummingbird’s Daughter” on the drive. That helped a lot.
Lee’s new studio is good to go on the inside. The Heritage Day tour is today and we are in final prep mode. I am looking for a few hundred tourists to drop by today and make it happen.

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