Arizona and back.

Lee and I drove down to Phoenix/Scottsdale last week and hung our show at the Marshall Gallery and spent the week at the NCECA Conference. it was a great time. I saw dozens of old friends and made many new ones. We were selling Lee’s salve and our Grand Canyon river trip that will take place in June of 2010.
This is NCECA, dinner and conversation with old and new friends, Ah Leon and Eric Serritella. I made pots for Creative Industries and they let us work out of their booth.
Von Allen put together a show of BYU Ceramics graduates for the conference. As ever at that institution as was the token potter, a distinction I rather relish.
The show at the Marshall was nice. Ron Richmond and Doug Fryer, both neighbors and friends had work in the gallery and it played well against ours. Ron’s pieces worked especially well as he uses my pottery as props in a lot of his still life paintings.
My pottery interspersed with Lee’s and Ron’s work.

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  1. Paul Says:

    FYI, your link here to the Grand Canyon River trip isn’t working. :(

  2. Potter’s Journal » Blog Archive » Why I am not going to NCECA. Says:

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