New pots out of the Red Path

I unloaded my last woodfire eight days ago. It has been a busy time or I would have posted these sooner. I had to fall right back into throwing for next weeks firing. I am selecting work to take down to Scottsdale. I’ll be throwing the last of them Monday and then getting my taxes done while they are drying and in between more gardening. Good thing I don’t have to work for a living.
Tea Bowls are always a nice place to start from.
Tea Pots and detail.
Commemorative plates.
Hump molded platters showing off the new tools.
There is a little of what I got. It was one of the better firings I have had in this kiln. Really only two or three pots that came out less than expected. The large bowl pictured has a joint crack visible on the inside. It will make a nice tomato planter for the deck.

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7 Responses to “New pots out of the Red Path”

  1. Hollis Engley Says:

    Looks like a great firing, Joe. I always love your teabowls. I had a nice drink of iced mango-pineapple juice yesterday in a big teabowl of yours bought maybe 15 years ago at a workshop in Virginia. It’s holding up very well.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Looks like an excellent firing. The teapot detail is lush. Nice surface. Thanks for posting pictures.

  3. Lucy B Says:

    Those look fabulous. Thanks for the bowls this Christmas. The kids talk about everytime the eat from them with their grandma Wood spoons.
    Love the tea pots. They just make me happy. I just got some fabulous herbal tea blends from Canada and love making tea with Jeddie in the morning when everyone is gone to school.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Wow, I love the colorfulness of this new firing!! My faves ever.

  5. Craig Donalson Says:

    Hi Joe,

    I am interested in purchasing one of your teabowls that I saw at the Marshall Gallery last week. I had every intention of getting back there on Saturday but so much to do.

    I was most intrigued with a rather tall tea bowl with a lovely red flashing slip. Could you possibly send photos of what you have.



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