When it rains it doesn’t always pour.

 sale11.jpg  sale21.jpg    sale31.jpg Our holiday sale dates this year were December 1 and 8. There has been no precipitation all fall and into early winter except those two days. The people stayed away in droves. It was, with out a doubt, the poorest sale turn out we have ever had. Oh Well. As my potter friend Jim Simister says, “A showroom full of pots is money in the bank.” He is right. With our move coming up I don’t know when I will get back to making pottery.  


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  1. Ron Says:

    Hey Joe, Sorry to hear about the poor turnout. I bet you still had folks come by and get pots from the shop right? Good luck with the move. I just helped Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin pack up a moving truck to head to New Mexico. Moving 1500 miles is different than moving 4 blocks. Still it’s a huge task I bet. I loved seeing the photos of you and Lee and the girls. All the best in the coming year. Ron

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