Tools and pots

I am not really a tool and die man. I build kilns and make tools out of necessity. I know some potters who make pots only so that they can make tools and build kilns. I am the other way around.
So anyway I decided to make some new roller type tools for putting pattern on pots. From left to right here are:
A roller from Capital Ceramics in Salt Lake. Next are two rollers used to press down seams in wall paper. One is new. The other on is twenty years or more older. I can’t find ones like that any more. I suspect the new ones are all plastic. Then there is Shoe Goo and various strings and cords from the local hardware store.
I start by rolling the glue onto the roller like I would if I were inking a brayer for print making.
When the glue is evenly distributed I wind the cord onto the roller and hold it until it sticks.
Nice tool, eh?
Here is the same idea with carpenter’s string.
mug-detail-2-11-09.jpg mugs-2-11-09.jpg
Mugs showing string roller, cord roller and bisque stamp impressions
Here is the same thing on a small vase.
Three slab built platters with rope/string patterns and details of the same. Fun with clay.

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12 Responses to “Tools and pots”

  1. Hollis Engley Says:

    Great ideas, Joe. Mind if they’re stolen?????

  2. Dick T. Says:

    I like the ideas! I could see using other items to glue on as well.

  3. carter gillies Says:

    I know potters who see tools as the excuse for making pots, kind of like a friend of mine once told me he considered ketchup as the vehicle for food. I even have some students who love trimming to the extent that their focus is so little on the pot itself it might just as well be a lump of unthrown clay. It is always interesting what others consider to be the detail and what they consider to be the subject. Always love your work and glad I found your blog! By any chance were you one of the demonstrators at NCECA when it was held in New Orleans back in the mid 90’s?

  4. Joe the Potter Says:

    Yes Carter, I was a demonstrating artist at the New Orleans NCECA. I think it was 1994

  5. carter gillies Says:

    Thought I had remembered that correctly! 15 years does a lot to a person’s memory. Is there any way to subscribe to your blog? I have been able to sign up for some other blogs on my google reader, but I am still such a novice on the internet. Maybe I am missing something…. Thanks again for the great blog and the always great pots!

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