Winter work.

When it is really cold or snotty out side I work at the wheel. It is nice in here with the heater going and a can of warm water to put my hands into. Squeezing the clay and leaning into it, feeling the soft primordial resistance is one of the great pleasures of my life. I still get a little excited when I think about amorphous earth forming into vessels in my hands. It is kind of heady stuff.
I am currently working on pots for a show Lee and I have booked with a commercial gallery in Scottsdale, AZ for April. The opening will be on the first Thursday and will coincide with the annual conference of the Nation Council for Education and the Ceramic Arts. I am hoping to get two firings off to select pots from for that event. Lee is also painting up a storm. Her new studio is not quite finished so she is painting in Ella Peacock’s old studio just across the street from my shop.
Lee’s new studio inside and outside views. Lee and her pallet at Ella’s studio.
Almost very day Aaron stops by the pottery to visit. Aaron was involved in an ATV accident many years ago and is a lot less concerned with temporal things than you or me. We talk about a lot of things but mostly Jesus. Sometimes we go to the Spring City Cafe and get some sandwiches. Aaron’s favorite is the grilled chicken. He is a very gentle soul.
On days that are warm (above freezing) I go out to Lee’s new studio and prepare rock. When I have enough of it ready I will start laying it up with mortar. I looks like I’ll be breaking rocks for the next few days. It is starting to get sort of nice out there.

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