The week in pots

Here are few of the things I have been working on down at the studio. I’ll be finishing up my holiday pottery production in a couple of days and will then be preparing to fire. My holiday sales are scheduled for November 28-29 and December 6.
Small vases and bottles.
Large mug.
Medium mugs.
Small mugs.
Bread dish.
Footed diamond dish.
Small oval dishes.
Large jug.
Small jugs.
Small cut tea bowls.
Two platters.
Round box.

5 Responses to “The week in pots”

  1. Janie S Says:

    Beautiful form, I do love your designs on each pot creating such individuality.
    My hope to achieve wheel work with such skill.
    Dream on Janie!

  2. Jeremy Kalin Says:

    Hey Joe - Pots look great. I think I recognize the wire-tool made to cut those small faceted teabowls. Am I right?

    I’m hoping to find a way to get my grubby hands on a Bennion-bottle sometime soon.

    The fam-damily looks great as always! Good health to all of you’z.

  3. arthur Says:

    Actually those little bowls are cut with a modified cheese cutter. Close.

  4. Viet Says:

    You probably think I’m stlkaing your blog I signed up for your RSS feed so I’m just lovingly stlkaing your blog! Anyway, I’m the same way and I’ve found myself doing the same thing lately.I remember specifically going on a cruise with my family after I graduated college and complaining about the awful parents who let their kids blow on the whistle on the life jacket when we had the safety meeting. I also remember, very clearly, my mother telling me she could not wait for me to have kids and hear what I had to say then! I can now totally imagine letting Dylan blow on the whistle on the life jacket because, I would think; awww, at least he’s sitting still!

  5. Chananchida Says:

    Exactly! Oh my gosh, I’ve had SO many moments like that! And don’t worry I don’t think you’re sltaking. You’d be the only one, anyway, so it makes me feel like at least someone is reading it. I wish you still lived here!!

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