Vote Today

“Leadership matters. I know we need leaders with the values and courage to do what it takes to make government work again for the people it is supposed to serve. True leaders do the public’s business in public. They work for the people who elected them, not the special interests who paid for their campaigns. They don’t put themselves and their own interests first, over the interests of you and your family. They don’t vote themselves pay raises while the rest of our wages aren’t keeping pace with the price of gas, groceries, and perscrition drugs. True leadership means knowing when to step back, when to step up, and when to step in to make sure the system works for people who work for a living.”
Ed Allen, a Utah Democrat.
Joe the Potter will be voting for a different candidate than Joe the Plumber because Joe the Potter can do math.

3 Responses to “Vote Today”

  1. Hollis Engley Says:

    Way to go, Joe thePotter.

  2. Julie Says:

    Good quote.

  3. Lost Coyote Says:

    You and 34% of Utah voters…34% percent is not a majority…but it may be a victory…

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