Climbing out of the Abyss

I returned a week ago from the last Grand Canyon trip of the season. It was a sixteen day trip with 12 passengers. The people were all friends before the trip so there was not the usual break in period. I had a great time but did return with more aches and pains than usual. I’ll need to pay attention to getting and staying in shape over this winter. After all I am 56.
While I was gone our charter trip in the Grand Canyon continued to fill up and Lee got the deposit in to Tour West for me. We have 12 passengers on so far with room for four more. If any are interested I would recommend very quick action, ie. get hold of me now.
I have spent the past week working on the stone for Lee’s studio/barn project. It is going along slowly but well. We will move the stone from Gunnison to Manti on Friday this week and will cut it as soon after that as we can so I can start laying stone. I can’t wait.
Here are a few images I snapped in the Canyon this trip.













Listening to J.J. Cale, Any Way the Wind Blows

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  1. Charles Hughes Says:

    I envy your trips. Somehow the studio seems to eat every available minute. I’m working on that as it is no way to live. Managed to take 5 weeks off this year… got married and went on a honeymoon. If I can manage it next year we’ll just take 5 weeks off and go off and enjoy.

    You’re work and life are inspirational, thanks!

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