Birth Day

Fifty six years ago this morning a young woman in Salt Lake City gave me birth into this world. I called her this morning as I always do on September fourth and thanked her again. She thanked me for being who I am. She has always said that and it seemed sometimes as if no one else saw who that was. Now I have Lee who sees that also.
My mother is old now but her voice sounds the same to me over the telephone from Missouri where she lives between two of my siblings. She has over a hundred living offspring.
I spent my birthday firing the wood burning kiln and listening to McCain. The fire is very nice.


5 Responses to “Birth Day”

  1. Earl Says:

    Wow, you sure take after your mom, only she’s prettier…..
    Joe, your mom is a Wood? Where do they come from?

  2. Joe Says:

    Berzekrley, CA

  3. Julie Says:

    Happy birthday! …it’s mine too - first time I’ve come across anyone sharing the day. Firing off a wood kiln sounds like a nice way to spend it; I hope you have spectacular results.

  4. Michael Kline Says:

    Hey Joe, that’s a very thoughtful post. Firing the kiln is in a way giving life to the pots we make. I hope you have a great firing.

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Hi Joe - Your post was dear. Your mom has over a 100 living offspring? Wow.

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