Crunch Time

I am, if you haven’t noticed, a poor blogger sometimes. As the month of August is ebbing out I will write a little of what it has brought me. I have made a lot of pots and am almost ready to fire. I was in pretty good shape time wise until Tour West called and asked me if I would work a river trip up in Idaho on the Salmon River. Of course I agreed and lost a week of potting. The Salmon was wonderful but I am now really under the gun. I had to hit the ground running and the past week has been a blur.
Someone always asks, “How many pots can you make in a day?”. Here are the pots I finished this morning at 1:30. In summer you can crank out a lot of work because it dries so quickly. The trick is getting it all trimmed when it is ready. I placed them out in the sun this morning at nine when I got back to the shop to push them along. It was a long day at the wheel.
The finished retail value of these pots is about $4500.00. Shocking, eh? Of course there is the time spent preparing clay, trimming the pots, glazing, loading and unloading the bisque firing, preparing the final wood firing, getting and preparing wood for the fire, loading, firing, unloading etc, etc, etc. Add to that the fact that I only get paid when the pots are sold and cost of operation is paid out and you have an OK paying gig, not a money tree.
These are some of the things I have been making since returning from the Salmon.
This is what 36 place settings of dinner ware looks look like ready to go into the kiln.
I have a bisque firing right now. I’ll unload it Monday and begin glazing, grinding shelves, making cone packs etc. It will be a busy time for the next two weeks. I’ll squeeze off two firings and have an open house on September 13….then it is off to the Grand Canyon to answer the call.
This Gabriel, the little guy who helps me keep it all together. We had a swell play date on Wednesday at the shop and my house. We made pots, french fries, tomato sandwiches, corn on the cob and a mess.


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  1. Deborah Woods Says:

    These are fabulous pots. I still love your work.

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