Catching up

Well I have not been much of a blogger for the past six weeks or so. Life gets gong and it is hard to sit down to the keyboard in the summer time. Upon returning from the river I got right into whipping our garden into shape, building fences and a slew of other honey-dos. It has been a busy time with out much time spent at the pottery. I had fired three times in succession right before we left for the river. The last firing was left in the kiln as there was no room in the shop for more work.
Here are the long cooled pots from that last early June firing.
Tall oval pots for flowers or something.
Three bowls…my favorite thing to make.
A long oval dish for baking or planting.

Every summer Zina runs a ranch camp for girls. Birch Creek Service Ranch was in full swing when we returned and Zina’s girls session started right up.
Lee and I did a number of things with the girls. I lead them up Canal Canyon where we removed dead fallen trees from some of Lee’s favorite riding trails. I made and fired pottery with the girls and Lee taught a pie making workshop. The girls also came over and helped Lee with her chicken coop.

We went over to Nephi and took our old neighbor Katie Tervort out for some Mexican food.

I have spent the last few days reclaiming scrap clay and am now ready to start making pots again. It will be good to get into it. The tourists have been very good to us lately and I am getting low on inventory. I’ll probably fire a couple of times in early September and then go n the river again for a couple of weeks returning in early October.

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