What the Heck

Hi, I am back. Some time ago an evil cyber nerd ate my blog. It appears that, for now, the “Potter’s Journal” I have kept for the past few years is gone. Oh well. Lessons in non-attachment.

joelava.jpgAs the blog was disappearing I was in preparation mode for my last commercial river trip of the season. I launched September 14 on the Colorado River and ran 13 days through Grand Canyon. It was a great trip. The crew were all geezers. The youngest was 53 and the eldest was in his late fifties. It was nice to have that much maturity and experience on board.

A week later I launched again on the Colorado from Moab, Utah for six days in Cataract Canyon with no one else except my sweetie, Lee. That was the trip of a lifetime. More to follow on that.

Back in Spring City I am now busy clearing out this year’s garden and settling into fall pottery making. My holiday sales are only six weeks away. Whew!

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  1. Michael Kline (@Klineola) Says:

    Did you ever “find” your original blog? When did you start blogging? I’m making another list. lol

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