Firing and selling pots.

I always return from the river a bit exhausted and in need of some time to decompress. What? you say, I thought river running was relaxing and renewing. It is…for the passengers. Guides are on 24/7. Rowing on the water is the time when I unwind. The rigging, de-rigging, cooking, hike leading, interpretive talks and generally being “on” for people is what sucks all the energy out of a person. Usually I just collect myself for the first several days after returning from a river trip. This time I had to fall right into my pottery work. I fired my kiln twice in succession after returning. I unloaded the second firing Friday night and held an open studio sale the next day. Yesterday (Sunday) was the first slack time I have had in a over month. It is a bit like the eye of a storm as I have to get right into finishing our move to the new place and packing for the next river trip. Thank Heaven I only play for a living.
Fresh pots cooling in the opened kiln.
Zina came down from Provo with a friend to help me with the sale.
Little bottles.
A 40 lb bowl with a 30 lb bowl.
I have not tried these before. I had two of them in this firing. They are made with an eight lb cylinder shaped wih a bottom added and a lid formed for it. A lot of time spent on these. They may not be practical but are fun.
Sweet little mugs.
More of the same.
30 lb platters.
Tea bowls.
More tea bowls. These are the most fun to make.
Slab built platters.
Small jugs.
4 lb vases.
8 lb vases.
Just in time for summer come the lemonade tumblers.
6 lb jug.
A begging bowl.
Saturday was good. Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us. It makes things a lot better when the bills are paid. Come by anytime. There is lots of inventory right now.

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2 Responses to “Firing and selling pots.”

  1. Earl Says:

    Welcome to teaching, at least what you do on the river sounds a lot like teaching, it sucks the energy right out of you. Always having to be “on” for the paying customer. Love it though. Nice pots. After MANY years, we finally have a couple of people in Vegas who have specialty kilns, a large soda kiln and a wood fire kiln. They about have things down i the soda kiln now, I’m giving the wood kiln a couple of more firings, they just fired it for the second time this past weekend. I can at last stick some things into those kinds of firings from time to time.
    So where are you moving? I thought you were just getting the rock together for the house……..

  2. Joe Crawford Says:

    Man, those platters look great! Beautiful work as always.

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