Bisque Ware

The bisque kiln has been busy lately. I have unloaded two 40 cubic foot firings and have a third in today. I’m waxing and glazing as fast as I dare. I had though I would glaze and fire my pots raw but after losing a couple of firings to bloating early on I just gave it up. Besides, my favorite tenmoku will only fit on bisque ware.
img_5754.JPG img_5755.JPG
Catherine and Joss Vawter are here for the weekend so I put them to work stacking wood and wading pots for the firing. I have known these kids since before thy were born. I was with their parents when they foirst met. Their father Art helped me build the wood kiln. Catherine and Joss were just tiny kids then. As you may be able to tell these are really good kids. These apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

My clay slaves worked up a bit of an appetite which we satisfied at Das Cafe..

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