The Smell of a Kiss

Lee stayed home from the river trip so she could attend a reception at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City where she was honored with a purchase award for this painting, “The Smell of a Kiss”. The painting is part of the LDS Church’s International Art Competition held every two years.

2 Responses to “The Smell of a Kiss”

  1. Paul McKean Says:

    Dear Lee, I was home for the weekend with Rosalia of the 21st and went to the museum to see this work. We took Eileen and she loved it and enjoyed getting out.

  2. Afriani Says:

    IU neeh sain gulgadguich gsen sain suarsn bnshuu huurhun gdegn , ter hamtragch bandin ymar aztai garwee bi orondn gulgahiig zaaj ugsun bolch kk goy bhguiyu aztai tuchiwee. tnx admina

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