Butter Pots and a Muddy Glaze.


Here are a couple of my butter pots. Both of these are glazed with a local slip glaze I call Thistle Mud. Back in 1983 the little Utah town of Thistle was buried under 200 feet of water when a mountain slid down and dammed the Spanish Fork River. After the lake was drained it left a 12″ thick layer of very fine brown mud on everything. Being a potter I immediately though of the glaze potential of that layer of mud. Sure enough it made a great glaze in the cone 9-11 range that I fire to. Here you see two of the results Thistle Mud gets. There is actually quite a range of finishes possible in my firings. I enjoy uncertainty inherent in this process. If you come by the shop I can show you several other examples of THistle Mud.
We use these at home for butter. We cut the butter with olive oil to improve its spreadability and cut down on the amount of animal fat in our diet. It makes a nice homemade soft spread.

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