Somewhere around 1994 or 1995 Travis McFlynn wandered into the pot shop at Wasatch Academy and began making pots…good pots. I was teaching a throwing lab for the school at the time. I had never seen this kid. I asked him where he had learned to throw. He said “Here”. I asked him when and he said “this morning”. I knew he would be going places in the clay world.
Travis stopped by a day or two ago on his way home to Berkley from a memorial service fro Paul Soldner in Aspen Colorado.
We ate dinner and reminisced about all the time since then, the two Grand Canyon trips we did together and caught up on all of Travis’s travels around the clay world.
Travis is a senior at California School of Arts and Crafts and will be heading off to grad school soon. Like me he has taken a while getting to this point in his education.


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