There is a new kid on the block

Shonpa Yeshi is spending the summer with us. He is Tibetan and lives in Dharamsala, India. He is in Utah for four years attending Wasatch Academy. Shonpa will be taking a pottery class in school during the coming academic semester so he is warming up on my treadle wheel. After a couple of hours I asked him if he was learning a lot and he said emphatically yes. If he does as wwell with pottery as he has with his other classes I will have a run for my money with him.




I spent the day throwing pie dishes and trimming Saturday’s large bowls and platters. These ones are made with 30 lbs of clay each.




The rim is textured with this little bisque roulette after the bottom is trimmed.

3 Responses to “There is a new kid on the block”

  1. Namkhang Tsamchoe Says:

    It’s nice to see one of my friend dealing with pottery, exploring new world, other than bookish knowledge and i wish him good luck in every phase of his life…Shonpa lak, you are doing gr8t!!!

  2. Andrea Weenig Says:

    I want a pie dish!! yay! when will you fire?

  3. Evette Obregon Says:

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