It’s Been a While.

Yes I am still alive and I still make pots. Soon after my last post I was called to a new position in the church I belong to. In our church everyone has a “calling” and assignment in which you volunteer your time. The assignments rotate and it is now my turn to be the clerk who oversees all record keeping and reports pertaining to finances, member ship and meetings….not what I would have chosen. In fact if all possible assignments had bee lined up and I had to rank them in order of my preference and aptitude I’d have put clerk at next to last. What would be my last choice? Bishop, the guy who runs the whole show. Needless to say I’ve been overwhelmed with learning new skills and routines. I can’t say I’ve got it dialed but I am taking some time to blog.
The image above is of Navajo Mountain in the morning. I took a few days in late February with Rick Gate to go camping and hiking in the desert of southern Utah and Northern Arizona. God’s country without a doubt. I’ll see if I can post some of the pots I have been making tomorrow.


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  1. Trisha Says:

    As usual, I am blown away by the beauty you capture. It must be a truly amazing place to live.

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